28th February

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2001 Rail Crash - 13 killed at Selby Up to 13 are killed and more than 70 injured when a high speed train is hit by a car which careered off the motorway.
1994 NATO shoots down four Serb warplanes Four Bosnian Serb war planes returning from a bombing raid are shot down by NATO aircraft.
1991 Gulf War - ceasefire announced US President George H Bush announces a ceasefire in the Gulf after Iraq accepts all 12 UN resolutions.
1986 Sweden - Prime Minister assasinated Olof Palme, the prime minister of Sweden, is shot dead and his wife Lisbeth wounded in a street ambush in central Stockholm.
1983 U2 - War U2 release the Album 'War'
1975 Rail Crash - more than 30 killed A London Underground train crashes at Moorgate, killing the driver and at least 29 passengers.
1953 DNA - double helix discovered Scientists James D Watson and Francis HC Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule that contains the human genes, in a Cambridge University laboratory.
1940 Mario Andretti born Motor racing star Mario Andretti is born
1900 Boer War - Relief of Ladysmith After a siege of 118 days the seige of Ladysmith is over following the arrival of a detachment of cavalry
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On This Day - 28th February