17th March

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1995 Ronnie Kray dies Notorious gangland killer Ronald Kray dies in hospital two days after he collapses in his ward at Broadmoor.
1984 Boat Race postponed The 130th Boat Race is postponed less than an hour before it is due to start after the Cambridge vessel is involved in a collision.
1938 Rudolf Nureyev is born Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev is born in Russia
1905 Franklin D Roosevelt marries Franklin D Roosevelt marries his distant cousin Elaenor Roosevelt. The bride was given away by her uncle Theodore Roosevelt.
1901 Russian Federation - Students riot in St Petersberg Over 800 students were arrested after clashes with two regiments of Cossacks. 500 students marched to Kazan Cathedral where they tried to stop a Mass
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On This Day - 17th March