29th March

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1999 James Hanratty appeal to be re-heard The case of James Hanratty is sent back to the Court of Appeal - 37 years after he was hanged for the notorious A6 murder in Bedfordshire.
1993 Conservatives win the French elections Conservative politicians take 80% of the seats in the French National Assembly and replace the Socialists as the main force.
1971 My Lai - William Calley found guilty Lieutenant William Calley is found guilty of murder at a court martial for his part in the My Lai massacre which claimed the lives of 500 South Vietnamese civilians.
1971 Charles Manson sentenced to death Charles Manson and three members of his hippy cult are sentenced to death in Los Angeles.
1967 Torrey Canyon bombed by RAF The stricken oil supertanker, the Torrey Canyon, refuses to sink despite more than a day of heavy bombing by the RAF and the Royal Navy.
1912 Robert Scott dies Explorer Robert Scott dies aged 43 on Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.
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On This Day - 29th March