15th April

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1990 Greta Garbo dies Actress Greta Garbo dies aged 84
1989 Football - 93 Die at Hillsborough At least 93 football supporters have been killed in Britain's worst-ever sporting disaster at Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough stadium.
1986 US bombs Libya The United States bombs Tripoli in retaliation for Libyan terrorist attacks on American targets.
1980 Jean-Paul Satre dies Philosopher Jean-Paul Satre dies at the age of 74 of edema of the lung in Paris, France.
1945 World War 2 - Bergen Belsen liberated British troops enter the Bergen Belsen concentration camp after negotiating a truce with the German commandant
1865 US Presidents - 17th Andrew Johnson becomes the 17th president of the United States following Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
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On This Day - 15th April