27th April

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2005 Vladimir Putin visits Israel Vladimir Putin becomes the first Russian president to visit Israel.
1994 Democratic elections in South Africa In the first democratic elections in South Africa, a landslide victory for Nelson Mandela is forecast.
1992 British politics The House of Commons elects a woman, Betty Boothroyd, to the post of Speaker for the first time in its 700 year history
1984 Yvonne Fletcher is shot dead by Libyan guns The Siege of the Libyan Embassy in London ends 11 days after the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the embassy
1961 Sierra Leone gains independence Sierra Leone gains independence after 150 years of British colonial rule
1901 Football - FA Cup - Tottenham Hotspur beat Sheffield United 3-1 Non league Tottenham Hotspur beat Sheffield United 3-1 at Crystal Palace in the FA Cup final.
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On This Day - 27th April