10th May

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1997 Earthquake kills 2,400 An earthquake in northern Iran kills at least 2,400.
1994 Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa's first black president Nelson Mandela becomes the first black president of South Africa in a ceremony attended by the largest assembly of foreign dignatories to visit Africa.
1988 Francois Mitterrand defeats Jacques Chirac in elections Francois Mitterrand is re-elected as France's president, defeating prime minister Jacques Chirac
1986 Football - FA Cup - Liverpool beat Everton 3-1 In the FA Cup final at Wembley, Liverpool beat Everton 3-1.
1981 Francois Mitterrand is elected president of France The Socialist leader, Francois Mitterrand is elected president of France
1980 Football - FA Cup - West Ham United beat Arsenal 1-0 In the FA Cup final at Wembley, West Ham United beat Arsenal 1-0.
1941 Rudolf Hess parachutes into Scotland Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess parachutes into Scotland.
1899 Fred Astaire is born American actor / dancer Fred Astaire is born in Omaha, Nebraska
1838 John Wilkes Booth is born John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, is born.
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On This Day - 10th May