18th May

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1991 Football - FA Cup - Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 2-1 In the FA Cup final at Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 2-1.
1985 Football - FA Cup - Manchester United beat Everton 1-0 In the FA Cup final at Wembley, Manchester United beat Everton 1-0.
1980 Mount St Helens explodes Mount St Helens volcano explodes leaving 57 people dead or missing
1969 Apollo 10 is launched Apollo 10 is launched with a crew of Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan. The Lunar Module made its first manned flight around the moon.
1920 Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II is born as Karol Wojtyla in Wadovice, Poland.
1901 Total eclipse of the sun British astronomers photograph all stages of the total eclipse of the sun from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius
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On This Day - 18th May