11th August

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1984 Mary Decker trips over Zola Budd Mary Decker trips over Zola Budd during the 3000m final at the Los Angeles Olympics, putting her out of the race.
1982 The Krays attend mother's funeral Ronald Kray and Reginald Kray are allowed out of prison to attend their mother's funeral.
1971 Admirals Cup victory for Edward Heath Edward Heath leads the British yachting team to victory in the Admirals Cup.
1952 King Hussein is declared King King Hussein is declared King after his father King Tamal is declared unfit by the Jordanian parliament due to mental illness.
1942 Bouncing Bomb patented Barns Wallace patents a bouncing bomb which is subsequently used by the RAF to breach several German dams in 1943.
1909 SOS Signal used for the first time The SOS Signal is used for the first time by the American ship Arapahoe off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
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On This Day - 11th August