1st October

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2005 Three suicide bombers hit Bali Three suicide bombers launch two attacks on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing 19 people.
1991 Leningrad becomes St Petersburg again The city of Leningrad is officially renamed back to St Petersburg
1987 Earthquake in Los Angeles kills 6 An earthquake in Los Angeles kills 6 and leaves 100 injured
1985 Riots continue in Liverpool and Peckham Police face continued rioting in Liverpool and Peckham.
1982 The Christian Democrats take power The Christian Democrat Helmut Kohl replaces Social Democrat Helmut Schmidt as Germany's chancellor.
1979 Pope John Paul II begins his first trip to the US Pope John Paul II begins his first trip to the United States.
1975 Muhammad Ali retains world heavyweight title Muhammad Ali retains his world heavyweight title by defeating Joe Frazier in Manilla.
1962 Riot erupts at University of Mississippi James Meredith attends the University of Mississippi campus under armed guard, triggering a riot in which two people die and hundreds are injured
1936 Francisco Franco becomes Head of State General Francisco Franco assumes the role of Head of State of Spain.
1910 Bonnie Parker is born Bank robber Bonnie Parker is born
1908 New Ford Car released Henry Ford introduces the Model T Ford to the market, priced at $825.
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On This Day - 1st October