11th October

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2002 Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Peace Prize Former US president Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
1999 Lord of the Rings The Lord of the Rings begins filming in New Zealand
1986 Cold War US President Ronald Reagan meets Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland to continue discussions on scaling back missile aresenals in Europe
1984 NASA - First American female space walk Kathryn Sullivan, aboard the space shuttle Challenger becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.
1982 Mary Rose raised The Mary Rose, a tudor battleship sunk on July 19th 1545, is raised from the sea bed in the Solent channel near Portsmouth
1968 NASA - Apollo 7 NASA launches Apollo 7; first successful manned Apollo mission with Wally Schirra, Donn Eisele and Walter Cunnigham on board
1967 Harold Wilson and Labour scrape victory Harold Wilson and the Labour Party scrape a victory in the general election.
1963 Edith Piaf dies French singer and actress Edith Piaf dies
1958 NASA - Pioneer 1 NASA launches lunar probe Pioneer 1
1957 Dawn French born British comedienne Dawn French is born
1946 Daryl Hall born American musician Daryl Hall is born
1910 US Presidents Theodore Roosevelt flew for four minutes in a plane built by the Wright brothers at Kinloch aviation field, St Louis, Missouri
1899 Boer War The second war between Great Britain and the Boers erupts in Orange Free State and Transvaal
1896 Anton Bruckner dies Austrian composer Anton Bruckner dies
1884 Elaenor Roosevelt born Elaenor Roosevelt is born, later she marries her cousin Franklin D Roosevelt
1303 Popes Pope Boniface VIII dies
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On This Day - 11th October