13th October

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2005 Harold Pinter wins Nobel Prize for Literature Harold Pinter is named as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.
1996 Damon Hill becomes world champion Damon Hill wins the Japanese Grand Prix to become motor racing World Champion.
1992 Thousands of miners to lose their jobs President of the Board of Trade Michael Heseltine announces that 31 of the remaining 50 deep coal mines will close with a loss of 31,000 mining jobs.
1977 Lufthansa jet hijacked Palestinian terrorists hijack a Lufthansa jet beginning a four day siege where the plane is forced to land and take off from a number of airports.
1976 Jet crashes into a street in Bolivia A Boeing 707 plane crashes into a street in Santa Cruz, Bolivia killing more than 100 people.
1974 Ed Sullivan dies American television presenter Ed Sullivan dies
1964 Martin Luther King wins the Peace Prize Martin Luther King is named as the winner of the Peace Prize.
1946 Fourth Republic France adopts the constitution of the fourth republic
1943 Italy declares war on Germany Prime minister Pietro Badoglio of Italy declares war on Germany.
1941 Paul Simon born American musician Paul Simon is born
1925 British politics British Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is born
1853 Lillie Langtree born British music hall star Lillie Langtree is born
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On This Day - 13th October