14th October

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1977 Bing Crosby dies American singer Bing Crosby dies
1968 Earthquake destroys town of Meckering An earthquake measuring 6.8 wrecks the Australian town of Meckering and disrupts local road and rail transport
1964 Leonid Brezhnev Leonid Brezhnev succeeds Nikita Khrushchev as general secretary of the USSR
1962 Cold War Cuban missile crisis starts as U-2 flight over Cuba records installation of Russian missiles.
1959 Errol Flynn dies Errol Flynn dies of a heart attack in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
1944 Erwin Rommel War time commander of the Africa Korps, Erwin Rommel dies
1940 Cliff Richard British pop singer Cliff Richard is born
1927 Roger Moore British film star Roger Moore is born, he went onto to play both Simon Templar - the Saint and James Bond - 007
1926 Winnie the Pooh The book Winnie the Pooh is published by AA Milne
1913 Coal mining disaster Four hundred and thirty nine lives lost at the Senghenydd colliery disaster in Wales.
1912 US Presidents While campaigning in Milwaukee, Theodore Roosevelt is shot by saloon keeper William Schrank. With the bullet still in him, Roosevelt delivers his scheduled speech.
1901 Guglielmo Marconi sends wireless message 350 miles Italian Guglielmo Marconi successfully sends a wireless message 350 miles
1900 The Interpretation of Dreams Sigmund Freud, psychiatist and neurologist publishes his book The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud believes dreams are a means of satisfying desires
1885 Charlotte Bronte dies Charlotte Bronte dies.
1884 Kodak George Eastman patents paper-strip photographic film.
1882 Eamon de Valera born Irish nationalist Eamon de Valera is born
1784 Spanish Royalty King Ferdinand VII of Spain is born
1773 American Revolution The East India Company's tea ships' cargo is burned at Annapolis, Maryland
1633 Scottish Royalty Scottish King James II is born
1066 Norman Conquest The armies of William the Conqueror defeat the Saxon army and kill King Harold II of England
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On This Day - 14th October