16th October

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2007 Deborah Kerr dies British film star Deborah Kerr dies at the age of 86
1996 Handguns are banned Following the Dunblane massacre handguns are banned in Britain.
1991 Lone gunman kills 22 In a random attack on a cafeteria in Texas, George Hennard kills 22 people and then kills himself.
1987 Hurricane winds hit southern England Hurricane force winds of 110 mph hit southern England leaving 13 dead.
1981 Moshe Dayan dies Moshe Dayan dies
1978 First non Italian pope elected. Cardinals at the vatican elect a Polish Pope, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla will become Pope John Paul II.
1967 Davina McCall born British television presenter Davina McCall is born
1964 China explodes atomic bomb China explodes its first atomic bomb.
1923 Walt Disney corporation founded The Walt Disney corporation is founded
1901 First negro dines at the White House President Theodore Roosevelt broke tradition by inviting a black man to dine in the White House. The President's guest was Booker T Washington, the noted reformer and teacher.
1854 Oscar Wilde born Actor and playwright Oscar Wilde is born
1803 Robert Stephenson is born Engineer Robert Stephenson is born in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
1793 Marie Antoinette guillotined French Queen Marie Antoinette is guillotined during the French Revolution.
1591 Popes Pope Gregory XIV dies
1430 Scottish Royalty King James I of Scotland is born
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On This Day - 16th October