20th October

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2000 British Activist released in Burma Human rights activist James Mawdsley is released from prison in Burma (Myanmar) after serving 415 days in solitary confinement for protesting against the military regime's slaughter of ethnic minorities.
1983 Grenada prime minister assassinated The prime minister of Grenada is shot dead by the armed forces at the the island's military headquarters in the capital St Georges.
1973 Queen Elizabeth II opens the Sydney Opera House Queen Elizabeth II opens the new Sydney Opera House.
1973 Dalai Lama visits Britain The Dalai Lama visits Britain, he is expected to be in Britain for ten days.
1968 Jacqueline Kennedy re-marries Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy (nee Jacqueline Lee Bouvier) marries Aristotle Onassis.
1967 4,000 protest against the Vietnam War Oakland, California sees the largest ever protest against the Vietnam War when 4,000 protesters take to the streets.
1944 Liquified gas tanks explode killing 130 Two liquified gas tanks explode in Cleveland, Ohio killing 130 people.
1935 Long March ends The Long March ends when the Chinese communists led by Mao Zedong arrive in Shensi province.
1900 Anglo-German Pact signed Leaders of Britain and Germany agree to continue their cooperation and ensure that the rivers and seaports of China remain open to international trade.
1818 49th parallel becomes the border Britain and the United States agree that the 49th parallel marks the border between the United States and Canada.
1632 Christopher Wren is born Architect Sir Christopher Wren is born in East Knoyle, Wiltshire.
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On This Day - 20th October