22nd October

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2005 Boeing 737 crashes in Nigeria killing 117 A Boeing 737 crashes shortly after take off from Lagos airport in Nigeria, killing 117 people.
2004 Video of kidnapped care worker released A video is released of kidnapped care worker Margaret Hassan in which she asks Britain to withdraw troops from Iraq.
1990 World's worst disaster Scientists tell the Royal Geographical Society how irrigation has destroyed the world's fourth largest fresh water sea.
1983 One million join a CND rally One million people gather in London for a CND rally.
1974 IRA bomb explodes in London club A provisional IRA bomb explodes in a London club injuring four people.
1969 Led Zeppelin release Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin release their most famous album, "Led Zeppelin II".
1968 NASA - Apollo 7 Apollo 7 returns to earth with Wally Schirra, Donn Eisele and Walter Cunnigham on board.
1966 George Blake escapes Double agent George Blake escapes from prison. The Soviet Union is believed to have arranged the escape
1964 John-Paul Satre awarded Nobel prize for Literature John-Paul Satre is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, but declines the award.
1962 US blockades Cuba Following the discovery that Soviet missiles had been installed on Cuba, John F Kennedy announces an air and naval blockage of the island.
1913 New Mexico Coal Mine explosion kills 250 An explosion in a coal mine in Dawson, New Mexico kills more than 250 miners.
1910 Hawley Crippen convicted of murder Doctor Hawley Crippen is convicted of murdering his wife Cora.
1877 207 miners killed in Scotland 207 miners are killed in a mine disaster at Blantyre in Scotland.
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On This Day - 22nd October