26th October

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2002 Chechen siege ends The siege of the Moscow theater ends when Russian special forces storm the theater, however 129 of the hostages were dead, mostly from the knockout gas used by the special forces prior to their attack.
1994 Israel and Jordan sign peace agreement Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein sign a peace agreement ending 46 years of war between Israel and Jordan. US president Bill Clinton was present to witness the signing.
1991 Serbs lay seige to Dubrovnik As the Bosnian War continues, Serb forces lay siege to the port of Dubrovnik
1982 Solidarity outlawed by Polish parliament. The parliament in Poland approves a new law to outlaw the free trade union Solidarity and replace it with a set of unions with very restricted powers to strike.
1955 The film Rebel Without a Cause released The film Rebel Without a Cause is released starring James Dean.
1951 Conservatives win the General election The Conservative Party wins the general election by a small margin returning Sir Winston Churchill to the role of prime minister for a second time.
1916 Francois Mitterrand is born French president Francois Mitterrand is born in Jarnac, Charente.
1881 Gunfight at the OK Corral The gunfight at the OK Corral takes place in Tombstone, Arizona; where Wyatt Earp, two of his brothers and Doc Holliday confront Ike Clanton's gang. Three members of the Clanton gang are killed and Earp's brothers are wounded.
1825 Erie Canal opens The Erie Canal opens connecting Lake Erie and the Hudson river.
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On This Day - 26th October