28th October

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2001 Gunman shoots 17 A gunman bursts into a christian church service in Pakistan and kills 17 people.
1986 Jeremy Bamber jailed for life Jeremy Bamber is sentenced to jail for a minimum of 25 years for the murder of his step parents, sister and her two sons.
1984 China embraces reform In a speech today, the Chinese leader, Deng Hsiao-ping announces plans to allow independence to over a million state-owned enterprises in order to stimulate competiion.
1982 Socialist Party wins landslide victory Spain's Socialist Party led by Felipe Gonzalez wins a landslide victory in the general election
1962 Nikita Khrushchev orders the Cuban missiles dismantled Nikita Khrushchev informs the United States that he has ordered the dismantling of the Soviet missile sites on Cuba.
1940 Italy invades Greece During World War 2 Italy invades Greece.
1918 Czechoslovakia gains independence Czechoslovakia gains independence from Austria-Hungary.
1901 Royal Navy receives new cruiser Vickers launch the King Alfred, the world's fastest cruiser.
1900 Severe floods in North England Many die following severe floods in the North of England
1886 Statue of Liberty dedicated President Grover Cleveland dedicate the Statue of Liberty, a present from the people of France.
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On This Day - 28th October