29th October

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2004 Osama bin Laden admits September 11 attacks Osama bin Laden admits on a video that he ordered the September 11th attacks on the United States.
2003 Iain Duncan Smith resigns Iain Duncan Smith resigns as leader of the Conservative Party following a vote of no confidence.
1999 Cyclone hits India killing 10,000 A cyclone devastates the eastern Indian state of Orissa killing 10,000 and making 1.5 million homeless.
1975 King Juan Carlos becomes the provisional head of state. King Juan Carlos becomes provisional head of state in Spain ending 36 years rule by General Francisco Franco.
1964 Jewel robbery in New York The Star of India and other gems are stolen from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
1929 Stock Market Crash In the New York Stock Exchange prices collapse following panic selling on what becomes known as "Black Tuesday".
1923 Turkey is declared a republic The Republic of Turkey is proclaimed.
1901 US Presidents Leon Czolgosz is executed for his part in the assassination of President William McKinley
1900 Heroes welcome for British troops The first British troops to return from the Boer War receive a heroes welcome in London. The procession is viewed by the Prince of Wales
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On This Day - 29th October