7th October

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2001 US launches air strikes on Taliban The United States launches its campain against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
1985 Achile Lauro hijacked The cruise liner Achille Lauro is hijacked of the coast of Egypt by four heavily armed members of the Palestine Liberation Front.
1981 Hosni Mubarak becomes president The Egyptian parliament names Vice President Hosni Mubarak as president to succeed Anwar Sadat.
1959 300 trapped by pier fire 300 people are trapped by a fire which breaks out part way along the pier at Southend in Essex.
1957 Jayne Torville is born World ice dance champion Jayne Torville is born in Nottingham.
1938 Ann Jones is born British tennis player Ann Jones is born in Birmingham.
1900 Heinrich Himmler is born German Nazi leader and SS chief Heinrich Himmler is born
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On This Day - 7th October