1st November

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1990 Howe resigns over Europe policy Deputy Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Howe resigns in protest at the Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher) policies towards Europe and her opposition to a single European currency.
1986 Chemical Fire pollutes the Rhine A fire in a chemical factory near Basel, Switzerland, sends tons of pollutions into the River Rhine turning it red.
1984 Rajiv Gandhi becomes prime minister Indira Gandhi's son Rajiv Gandhi is sworn in as India's prime minister.
1983 Martin Luther King's birthday becomes a US national holiday Ronald Reagan signs the bill to make Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday in the United States
1981 Antigua gains independence Antigua gains its independence from Britain
1970 Fire in a nightclub kills 146 In France, a fire in a Grenoble night club kills 146 people.
1966 Vietcong shell Saigon The Viet Cong shell Saigon killing eight people including an American officer.
1952 United States tests hyrdogen bomb The United States explodes is first hyrdrogen bomb in a test at Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands.
1800 John Adams moves into the White House President John Adams becomes the first leader to move into the newly built White House.
1755 Earthquake hits Lisbon A massive earthquake hits Lisbon,Portugal, killing 50,000 people.
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On This Day - 1st November