11th November

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2004 Yasir Arafat dies Yasir Arafat dies in hospital in Paris, France, aged 75.
2000 Cable car Fire in Austria kills 155 A cable car is caught in a fire in an Alpine tunnel killing 155 people, including children.
1992 Ordination of women approved The Church of England votes in favour of the ordination of women
1987 Vincent van Gogh "Irises" sells for £27M The painting "Irises" by Vincent van Gogh sells for £27 Million in an auction by Christies in New York.
1975 Angola gains independence Angola gains its independence from Portugal.
1965 Rhodesia proclaims its independence Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) proclaims its independence from Britain.
1918 World War 1 ends World War 1 ends as the Armistice is signed
1885 George Patton is born General George Patton is born in San Gabriel, California
1843 "The Ugly Duckling" is published Hans Christian Anderson publishes his children's story "The Ugly Duckling".
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On This Day - 11th November