12th November

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2007 Benazir Bhutto placed under house arrest Benazir Bhutto is placed under house arrest, for a second time in four days, ahead of a planned protest march against emergency rule.
2001 Air Crash near JFK kills 265 An American Airlines jet crashes near New York's Kennedy airport killing 265 people.
1997 Extradition request for Ronnie Biggs rejected Judges in Brazil reject Britain's request for Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs to be extradited back to Britain to complete his prison sentence.
1990 Emporer Akihito assumes throne Emporer Akihito formally assumes the Chrysanthemum Throne in Japan.
1982 Lech Walesa returns to Gdansk Lech Walesa returns to Gdansk after 11 months internment by the Polish authorities.
1969 My Lai massacre publicised American journalist Seymour Hersh publishes the story of the My Lai massacre.
1901 Gales cause 200 deaths and loss of ships Great gales in Britain cause 200 deaths and the loss of many ships
1900 World Exhibition closes The World Exhibition closes in Paris having had more that 50 million visitors
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On This Day - 12th November