18th November

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2006 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are married Film stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are married in Italy.
2004 Fox hunting outlawed Britain outlaws fox hunting in England and Wales
2000 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones marry Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones marry in New York
1991 Terry Waite freed Terry Waite is freed in Beirut
1987 Iran-Contra report issued The Iran-Contra report issued following seven months of hearings puts the ultimate responsibility for the scandal with Ronald Reagan, indicating that if he was unaware he should not have been.
1987 Fire at Kings Cross station kills 27 A fire at Kings Cross Station in London leaves 27 people dead.
1986 Ivan Boesky guilty of insider trading Ivan Boesky pleads guilty to buying and selling stocks on the basis of "inside" information. He is fined $100 million and barred for life from the US securities industry.
1978 900 die in mass suicide 900 people die in Jonestown, Guyana after drinking cyanide laced grape punch at the request of Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones.
1901 Panama Canal Britain and US agreed terms for the building of a new shipping canal in central America. The agreement gives the US extensive rights in return for a guarantee of the canals neutrality
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