2nd November

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1995 Ex-minister charged with apartheid murders Former South African defence minister General Magnus Malan is arrested with 10 other former senior military officers and is charged with the murder of 13 black people in 1987
1986 American hostage released David Jacobsen is released by his kidnappers, Islamic Jihad, having been held hostage for 17 months.
1982 A truck explosion kills 3,000 A truck explosion in the Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan kills 3,000, mostly Russian troops returning to Kabul.
1976 Jimmy Carter defeats Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter defeates encumbent Gerald Ford to become the first US President from the Deep South since the civil war.
1951 British troops sent to Suez A further 6,000 British troops are sent to the Suez Canal in an attempt to suppress anti British disturbances in the area.
1946 Pope John Paul II ordained as a priest Pope John Paul II, then Karol Wojtyla, is ordained as a priest
1942 British forces break through German defenses British troops led by General Bernard Montgomery break through German defences at El Alamein.
1930 Haile Selassie crowned Haile Selassie is crowned Emporer of Ethiopia.
1917 Balfour Declaration British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour expresses support for establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
1604 First performance of 'Othello' The first performance of William Shakespeare's tragedy 'Othello' takes place at the Whitehall Palace in London
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On This Day - 2nd November