22nd November

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2005 First woman chancellor for Germany Angela Merkel, the leader of the Christian Democrats, becomes the first woman chancellor in Germany.
2003 England takes rugby world cup England beats Australia to win the Rugby World Cup final in Sydney
1995 Rosemary West sentenced to life imprisonment Rosemary West is sentenced to life imprisonment for her part in the murder of ten girls and young women.
1990 Margaret Thatcher quits Margaret Thatcher steps down as leader of the Conservative Party when her cabinet refuse to support her.
1968 Beatles release the album White Album The Beatles release the album "White Album".
1963 John F Kennedy assassinated President John F Kennedy is assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested on suspicion of murder. Vice President Lyndon Johnson becomes the 36th president of the United States.
1943 Summit to discuss defeating Japan Franklin D Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek meet in Cairo to discuss plans for defeating Japan.
1928 Maurice Ravel's Bolero is premiered Bolero by Maurice Ravel is premiered in Paris, France
1900 Arthur Sullivan dies Sir Arthur Sullivan, part of the Gilbert and Sullivan partnership dies. Their partnership began in 1875 with 'Trail by Jury' and continued through 12 more operettas.
1890 Charles de Gaulle is born Charles de Gaulle is born in Lille
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On This Day - 22nd November