25th November

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1998 Turkish government collapses The government of Turkey collapses following a no confidence vote. Prime minister Mesut Yilmaz is accused of tampering with the $600 million sale of the state bank.
1991 Winston Silcott cleared The appeal court quashed the conviction of Winston Silcott for the killing of PC Keith Blakelock during the Broadwater Farm riots.
1986 Iran arm sales proceeds diverted to Contras American Attorney General Edwin Meese reveals the proceeds from the sales of arms to Iran were diverted to the Contras in Nicaragua.
1981 Brixton riot report issued Lord Scarman's report into the Brixton riot blames the 'serious social and economic problems affecting Britain's inner cities' as the cause of the riot.
1973 George Papadopoulos deposed by military coup Following weeks of unrest, the government of George Papadopoulos is deposed by a military coup.
1963 John F Kennedy laid to rest The funeral of John F Kennedy takes place in Washington.
1947 New Zealand gains its independence By ratifying the Statute of Westminster New Zealand gains its independence from Britain.
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On This Day - 25th November