26th November

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2005 Earthquake kills 14 people A earthquake measuring 5.7 on the RIchter scale hits central China killing 14 people.
1992 Queen Elizabeth II starts paying income tax The British government announces that Queen Elizabeth II has volunteered to pay income tax on her personal income and to take her children off the public payroll.
1983 Gold Bullion robbery The largest, to date, robbery takes place at the Brinks Mat warehouse at Heathrow airport. The armed gang escape with £25 million pounds of gold bullion
1972 Police foil IRA rescue attempt Police foil an attempt by eight armed members of the IRA to rescue hunger striker Sean MacStiofain from a hospital in Dublin.
1953 Lords approve commercial television The House of Lords votes in favour of the introduction of commercial television in the UK despite concerns about the influence of the advertisers.
1942 Casablanca premiers in New York The film "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is premiered in New York.
1922 Tomb of Tutankhamen entered British explorers Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon enter the tomb of Tutankhamen
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On This Day - 26th November