6th November

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2000 Hilary Clinton becomes first First Lady in Senate Hilary Clinton, wife of President Bill Clinton becomes the first First Lady to win elective office in United States history.
1999 Australia rejects republic In a referendum in Australia, the people reject a proposal to break ties with the British monarchy and establish a republic.
1986 Helicopter crash kills 45 45 oil workers are killed when a Chinook helicopter crashes into the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.
1986 Alex Ferguson becomes Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson becomes Manchester United manager
1984 Ronald Reagan wins landslide victory President Ronald Reagan and vice-president George H Bush win a landslide victory winning by 59 percent.
1962 South Africa's apartheid condemned The United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution condemning South Africa's Apartheid policies and calls for an economic and military boycott.
1957 Felix Gaillard becomes Prime Minister Felix Gaillard becomes Prime Minister of France.
1956 British and French forces arrive in Suez British and French forces arrive in Suez during fighting between Egyptian and Israeli troops.
1913 Mahatma Gandhi arrested in South Africa Mahatma Gandhi is arrested as he leads a march of Indian miners in South Africa.
1900 US Presidents William McKinley is re-elected as president of the US together with vice-president Theodore Roosevelt
1893 Pyotr Tchaikovsky dies Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky dies of cholera in St Petersburg.
1860 Abraham Lincoln becomes president Abraham Lincoln defeats three other candidates to become the United States president.
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On This Day - 6th November