8th November

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2001 Barry George jailed for life Barry George is jailed for life for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando.
1990 Mary Robinson elected President Mary Robinson is elected as Ireland's first woman president
1988 George H Bush wins US election George H Bush defeats governor MIchael Dukakis in the election for US president taking 40 of the 50 states.
1987 IRA bomb Enniskillen The IRA bomb Enniskillen Rememberance Day parade killing 11.
1980 New moon discovered for Saturn NASA announce that the Voyager 1 has discovered a new moon (the fifteenth) around Saturn
1971 Led Zeppelin release Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin release their album, "Led Zeppelin IV".
1966 Ronald Reagan is elected governor Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California.
1960 John F Kennedy wins US election John F Kennedy defeats Vice President Richard Nixon to become president.
1900 Margaret Mitchell is born Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind, is born in Atlanta, Georgia.
1793 Louvre opens as an art gallery The French revolutionary government open a former royal palace, the Louvre, as an art gallery.
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On This Day - 8th November