1st December

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1990 Channel Tunnel connected at 11:15 am The 49.1 kilometre Channel Tunnel was connected when a British workman cut through to connect the French and British sections of the tunnel.
1973 David Ben-Gurion dies Israeli statesman David Ben-Gurion dies at the age of 87.
1955 Black woman challenges US race law Mrs Rosa Parks is arrested by police in Montgomery Alabama for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person.
1943 World War 2 - Allies united after Tehran conference Franklin D Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin meet for the first time. At the end of their conference in Tehran they expressed determination to work together to win the war in Europe and Asia and establish a lasting peace.
1942 Foundations of the Welfare State laid Sir William Beveridge publishes a wide reaching report offering care for all from cradle to grave - "The Welfare State".
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On This Day - 1st December