12th December

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1992 Earthquake kills 1500 in Indonesia An earthquake kills 1500 people in Indonesia
1992 Princess Anne remarries Princess Anne becomes Mrs Timothy Laurence following a small wedding in Scotland.
1988 Rail Crash in Clapham kills 35 35 are killed and 100s injured when three trains collide in Clapham during the morning rush hour.
1982 20,000 women encircle Greenham Common airbase The American Air force base at Greenham Common is encircled by 20,000 women in protest against the planned siting of American cruise missiles.
1975 Balcombe Street Siege ends The Balcombe Street siege ends peacefully when the IRA men release their hostages (John Mathews and Sheila Mathews) and surrender to police.
1967 Brian Jones escapes jail sentence Rolling Stones member Brian Jones has a nine month jail sentence overturned by the court of appeal.
1906 Leonid Brezhnev is born Leonid Brezhnev is born in Kamenskoe in Ukraine
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On This Day - 12th December