2nd December

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1995 Nick Leeson convicted of fraud Nick Leeson admitted two charges of fraud connected with Barings Bank £860 million ruin. He was sentenced to six and half years in prison.
1982 Artificial heart transplant A 61 year old retired dentist receives the first artificial permanent heart transplant.
1977 South African police cleared of Steven Biko's death A magistrate in South Africa rules that no police are to blame for the death in police custody of Steven Biko causing a demonstration outside the court.
1954 US Presidents US President Dwight Eisenhower announces the signing of a mutual security pact between the United States and Nationalist China.
1954 Senate censures Joseph McCarthy The United States Senate censures Joseph McCarthy for conduct unbecoming of a senator for contempt and abuse of a Senate committee that was investigating his financial affairs. He also insulted members of the committee on national television.
1901 Gillette to market replaceable razor King Camp Gillette announces that a replaceable razor will be marketed next year, building on an invention patented in 1895
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On This Day - 2nd December