22nd December

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2000 Madonna marries American singer Madonna marries British film maker Guy Ritchie in a ceremony in a Scottish castle.
1994 Italy's coalition goverment collapses Italy's coalition goverment led by Silvio Berlusconi collapses.
1993 South Africa's parliament votes itself out of existence Frederik de Klerk, speaking at the end of the old South African parliament, welcomed the new constitution that will follow the all-race elections in April.
1993 Aborigines celebrate the Native Title Bill Aborigines celebrate the Native Title Bill, a historic victory over land rights for the Aborigines.
1974 Edward Heath's London home bombed The London home of former prime minister Edward Heath is bombed, the IRA is believed to have been responsible for the bombing.
1900 Boxer Rebellion - China agrees peace deal with Allies Preliminary peace terms signed by China and Allies
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On This Day - 22nd December