24th December

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1988 Oil storage ship breaks its mooring North sea oil production is shut down following oil storage ship Medora breaking its moorings in gale force winds.
1979 First launch for European Space Agency The European Space Agency's first space rocket Ariane is launched from French Guiana on its third attempt.
1974 John Stonehouse found alive in Australia Former UK minister John Stonehouse is found alive in Australia after apparently faking his death.
1968 Apollo 8 orbits the moon Apollo 8 with crew Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders orbit the moon 10 times. While orbiting, the crew do a television broadcast back to earth.
1962 Bay of Pigs prisoners freed More than 1,000 men taken prisoner during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba are freed following the United States paying a ransom of $53 million in food and medical supplies.
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On This Day - 24th December