28th December

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2003 Sky Marshals on British planes British Home Secretary David Blunkett and Transport Secretary Alistair Darling announce that armed undercover Sky Marshals will be placed on some British planes while in United States air space.
1993 Cocaine valued at £70 million siezed Following a tip off from Italian anti-mafia investigators, British customs officials seize cocaine valued at £70 million
1957 Foot and Mouth shuts down abattoir The Stanley abattoir in Liverpool is shut down after foot and mouth is found in cattle waiting to be slaughtered.
1937 Maurice Ravel dies Composer Maurice Ravel dies in a clinic in Paris at the age of 62.
1879 Rail bridge collapse kills 75 The Tay Bridge, near Dundee, collapses in gales causing a passenger train to plunge into the waters of the Silvery Tay killing 75.
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On This Day - 28th December