13th February

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2001 Earthquake - El Salvador A 6.6 magnitude earthquake shakes El Salvador, killing at least 400 people, the second earthquake in just over a month.
1984 Konstantin Chernenko becomes new Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko is selected to succeed Yuri Andropov as General Secretary of the Soviet Union
1978 Anna Ford becomes ITN's first woman newsreader Tomorrow's World presenter Anna Ford has been officially announced as ITN's first female newsreader.
1974 Robbie Williams born British singer Robbie Williams is born
1945 World War 2 - Soviet troops take Budapest The Soviets capture Budapest, Hungary, from the Germans during World War 2.
1935 Charles Lindbergh's sons kidnapper convicted Bruno Hauptman is found guilty of first-degree murder in the kidnap-death of the infant son of Charles Lindbergh.
1883 Richard Wagner dies Composer Richard Wagner dies heart failure in Venice, Italy.
1849 Randolph Churchill born English politician Lord Randolph Churchill is born
1542 Catherine Howard executed King Henry VIII's fifth wife, Catherine Howard, is executed for adultery.
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On This Day - 13th February