16th February

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2005 Kyoto comes into force The Kyoto Protocol that aims to slow down global warming takes effect but the US remains outside it.
2001 Albanian Extremists Bomb Convoy A bus convoy carrying more than 250 Serbs to a religious ceremony in Kosovo is bombed by Albanian extremists
1989 Investigations reveal where bomb hidden Investigators in Lockerbie, Scotland, said a Semtex bomb and an electronic timer hidden inside a Toshiba radio cassette player in a case in the cargo hold had brought down Pan Am flight 103 the previous December.
1972 Strikes blacks out UK Many homes and businesses will be without electricity for up to nine hours a day from today, the Central Electricity Generating Board has announced.
1965 Beeching Cuts A second report from British Railways Board chairman Dr Richard Beeching outlines transport needs for the next 25 years
1959 Fidel Castro takes power Fidel Castro becomes premier of Cuba after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.
1937 Nylon Patented A patent for Nylon is granted to Wallace H. Carothers, a scientist at Du Pont.
1923 King Tutankhamens Tomb Opened In the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen is opened, revealing an immense gold decorated shrine.
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On This Day - 16th February