18th February

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2005 Hunting ban comes into force Hunting with dogs in England and Wales becomes illegal as the ban on the activity passes into law
1996 The Troubles - Aldwych bombing kills three Three people are feared dead after a bomb explodes on a London bus, nine days after the IRA ended its ceasefire.
1981 British politics - UK Goverment gives way to Miners Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Government withdraws plans to close 23 pits in its first major U-turn since coming to power two years earlier.
1977 NASA - Shuttle maiden flight The space shuttle Enterprise, sitting atop a Boeing 747, went on its maiden flight above the Mojave Desert.
1969 Lulu Hundreds of people clamour to see the marriage of popstars Lulu and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees in a Buckinghamshire church.
1960 Olympics - Winter Olympics The eighth Winter Olympics open in Squaw Valley, California.
1954 Joseph McCarthy accuses Army of communism The Secretary of the US army orders two generals subpoenaed by anti-Communist senator Joseph McCarthy to ignore the summons.
1933 Yoko Ono is born Yoko Ono is born in Tokyo, Japan.
1930 Astronomy - Pluto discovered The planet Pluto is discovered.
1885 Mark Twain - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain publishes "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
1564 Michelangelo dies The Italian artist Michelangelo dies in Rome.
1546 Martin Luther dies Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, dies.
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On This Day - 18th February