12th March

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1999 Yehudi Menuhin dies One of the 20th century's finest musicians Yehudi Menuhin dies, aged 82.
1993 Explosions kill 200 in Bombay At least 200 people are killed when a series of devastating bombs explode in India's financial capital.
1969 Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman marry Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman (Linda McCartney) are married in a civil ceremony at Marylebone Registry Office in London.
1964 Teamsters Union Leader Jailed President of the American Teamsters union, James Hoffa, is jailed for 8 years for attempting to bribe a Federal court jury
1945 Anne Frank, author of "The Diary of Anne Frank," dies at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp from Typhus during a typhus epidemic that spreads through the concentration camp.
1930 Mahatma Gandhi leads protest Mahatma Gandhi leads thousands of Indians in a 200 mile march to protest at the British tax on salt.
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On This Day - 12th March