16th March

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1988 The Troubles - Gunman kills three A gunman kills three mourners and injures at least 50 people attending a funeral for IRA members shot dead in Gibraltar.
1988 Saddam Hussein - Thousands die in poison gas attack Thousands of people die in a poison gas attack ordered by Saddam Hussein in the northern Iraqi town of Halabja.
1978 Red Brigade siezes Aldo Moro Former Italian premier Aldo Moro is kidnapped at gunpoint in Rome by a gang believed to be from the Red Brigade.
1976 British politics Harold Wilson, Labour leader for 13 years and Prime Minister for almost eight, announces his resignation to a shocked nation.
1968 My Lai - Vietnamese civilians massacred US troops massacre 500 civilians in the South Vietnamese village of My Lai
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On This Day - 16th March