18th March

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1992 Apartheid - whites vote for reform White South Africans back an overwhelming mandate for political reforms to end apartheid.
1979 Mining - 3 die in explosion Three die and eight are seriously injured in an explosion at a colliery in Lancashire.
1967 Torrey Canyon runs aground The supertanker Torrey Canyon runs aground between Land's End and the Scilly Isles, leaking oil into the sea.
1965 First space walk Aleksei Leonov makes the first spacewalk - it lasts 20 minutes during which he was tethered to his Voskhod 2 space capsule.
1922 Mahatma Gandhi sentenced to prison Mahatma Gandhi is sentenced to prison in India for civil disobedience.
1869 Neville Chamberlain is born Neville Chamberlain is born
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On This Day - 18th March