27th March

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1980 Oil Platform collapses killing 120 At least 120 oil rig workers are feared dead as a North Sea accommodation platform collapses during gales.
1977 Air Crash - 560 die as plains collide on runway At least 560 people die when two jumbo jets collide on a runway in the popular holiday destination of Tenerife.
1968 Yuri Gagarin dies Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, dies in an air crash during a routine training flight in a MiG-15.
1964 Earthquake in Alaska kills 114 A massive earthquake in Alaska kills 114 people.
1963 Beeching Cuts Dr Richard Beeching issues his first report calling for closure of one third of Britain's 7,000 railway stations.
1625 King Charles I becomes King of England King Charles I ascends to the throne following the death of King James I
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On This Day - 27th March