28th March

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1994 Silvio Berlusconi wins Italian general election Right winger, Silvio Berlusconi wins the general election in Italy
1980 Mount St Helens emitting steam and small boulders Dormant volcano Mount St Helens in Washington state begins emitting steam, ash and small boulders. Evacuation of 100 local people begins.
1979 British politics Prime Minister James Callaghan loses a parliamentary vote of confidence by a minority of one - forcing him to call an early general election.
1979 Nuclear Power - radiation leak at Three Mile Island Radioactive steam leaks into the atmosphere at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania prompting fears for the safety of the plant's 500 workers.
1968 Martin Luther King leads protest Martin Luther King leads protests to the steps of the state capital of Montgomery in Alabama.
1943 Sergey Rachmaninoff dies Russian composer Sergey Rachmaninoff dies
1939 Spanish Civil War ends The Spanish Civil War ends as Madrid falls to the forces of General Francisco Franco
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On This Day - 28th March