5th March

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2013 Hugo Chavez dies Hugo Chavez, the controversial president of Venezuela, dies at the age of fifty-eight after losing his battle with cancer.
1993 Ben Johnson banned for life Disgraced Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson is banned from athletics for life after failing a drugs test for a second time.
1973 Air Crash - airliners collide in mid air Sixty-eight passengers and crew die when two Spanish aircraft collide in mid-air over France.
1966 Air Crash kills all 124 people on board A BOAC Boeing 707 crashes into Mount Fuji in Japan killing all 124 people on board, just 25 minutes after take-off.
1960 Elvis Presley discharged from army Elvis Presley completes his two-year term in the US Army and is discharged
1953 Josef Stalin dies Josef Stalin, the long-time leader of the Soviet Union dies of a cerebral haemorrhage
1921 Sugar Ray Robinson is born Boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson is born.
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On This Day - 5th March