8th March

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2001 Donald Campbell's Bluebird recovered from Coniston Water Divers raise the wreck of Donald Campbell's boat, Bluebird, from the bottom of Coniston Water in Cumbria.
1999 Joe DiMaggio dies Baseball player dies at the age of 84.
1985 Bomb kills 45 in Beirut At least 45 people die and 175 are injured in a car bomb explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
1972 Plane explodes at Las Vegas A bomb explodes in the cockpit of a Trans World Airlines plane at Las Vegas airport
1971 Strike - postal workers return to work British postal workers go back to work after seven weeks on strike.
1957 Suez Canal re-opens Egypt re-opens the Suez Canal to international traffic following the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Egyptian territory.
1917 Tsar and his family executed Bolshevik Revolution starts in St Petersburg as the people protest about lack of food
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On This Day - 8th March