22nd April

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1995 Rwandan troops open fire on Hutu refugees Rwandan troops opened fire on Hutu refugees in a refugee camp. The move was ordered by the Rwandan president in an attempt to force the 250,000 Hutu refugees to return to their homes. The goverment claims Hutu extremists fired first.
1994 US Presidents - 37th Richard Nixon, 37th US President dies of a stroke at the age of 81.
1916 Yehudi Menuhin is born Yehudi Menuhin is born.
1901 Boer War - Boer concentration camp concerns Secretary of War, Mr St John Broderick has told the House of Commons that the High Commissioner is giving his personal attention to improving conditions in Boer concentration camps
1884 Strongest Earthquake ever in UK hits Essex Colchester and surrounding parishes of Wivenhoe, Langenhoe, Peldon and Abberton are hit by an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richeter scale. The quake lasted 20 seconds and damages churches, houses and cottages
1509 King Henry VIII becomes King of England King Henry VIII is crowned King of England following the death of King Henry VII
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On This Day - 22nd April