5th April

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2008 Charleton Heston dies Actor Charleton Heston dies in Beverley Hills, California.
1988 Hijack hostages freed Hijackers who have taken control of a Kuwait Airways jumbo jet free 25 passengers following negotiation by Iranian officials.
1986 Explosion at disco kills 2 A bomb explodes in La Belle disco crowded with US servicemen in Berlin, Germany, killing at least two and injuring over 100.
1976 Howard Hughes dies One of the world's richest men, Howard Hughes, dies on a plane to Houston, Texas, having spent two decades in seclusion.
1976 British politics James Callaghan wins the Labour leadership contest and takes over at Number 10 Downing Street.
1975 Chiang Kai-shek dies Chiang Kai-shek dies in Taipei, Taiwan at the age of 87, following a heart-attack and pneumonia.
1955 British politics Sir Winston Churchill resigns as prime minister of Britain due to failing health.
1856 Booker T Washington is born Black educator Booker T Washington is born in Franklin Country, Virginia.
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On This Day - 5th April