24th May

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1995 Harold Wilson dies Harold Wilson dies aged 79.
1982 Iran recaptures the port of Khurramshahr Iran announces that it has recaptured the port of Khurramshahr and with it almost all the lands it had previously lost to Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War.
1941 Bob Dylan is born Bob Dylan is born as Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minesota
1929 Yasir Arafat is born Yasir Arafat is born to Palestinian parents in Cairo, Egypt .
1901 Mining - 78 buried alive at Welsh mine explosion At least 78 men were buried alive following a series of gas explosions in the Sengenydd coal mine near Caerphilly.
1819 Queen Victoria is born Queen Victoria is born.
1543 Nicolaus Copernicus dies The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus dies.
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On This Day - 24th May