29th May

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1990 Boris Yeltsin elected president of Russia Boris Yeltsin is elected president of the Russian republic defeating Mikhail Gorbachev's preferred candidate Aleksandr Vlasov
1985 Football - 41 die as wall collapses. Forty one Italian and Belgian football fans die as a wall collapses when Liverpool fans charge towards Juventus supporters
1985 Tidal Wave kills up to 40,000 A tidal wave caused by a cyclone kills thousands in Bangladesh, unofficial estimates put the death toll as high as 40,000
1984 Eric Morecambe dies A heart attack ended the career of Eric Morecambe at the age of 58 on this day. He collapsed following a charity show and later died in hospital.
1958 Annette Bening is born American actress Annette Bening is born in Topeka, Kansas
1953 Everest is conquered Mount Everest is conquered by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
1917 John F Kennedy is born John F Kennedy is born in Brookline, Massachusettes.
1903 Bob Hope is born Bob Hope is born as Leslie Townes Hope in Eltham, United Kingdom.
1630 King Charles II is born King Charles II is born.
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On This Day - 29th May