12th June

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1994 OJ Simpson's former wife murdered The former wife of OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goodman are slashed to death outside her home in Los Angeles.
1987 Margaret Thatcher elected for a third term Margaret Thatcher sweeps to victory in general election with massive parliamentary majority
1929 Anne Frank is born Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank is born in Frankfurt am Main.
1924 George H Bush is born George H Bush is born
1922 Insulin is patented Sir Frederick Bantin patents Insulin.
1901 Becquerel investigates Atoms French physicist Henri Becquerel found that salts of uranium emitted rays, similar to the artificial rays produced by cathode ray tubes - ie Atoms contain smaller particles - electrons
1898 Philippines declares independence Philippine nationalists declare the Philippines to be independent of Spain
1897 Anthony Eden is born Anthony Eden is born in County Durham.
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On This Day - 12th June